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Feel better.

run better.

Our sports massage, treatments, and personal training will improve your health & mobility - so you can grab your running shoes and enjoy every mile.

What We Can Do For You

COVID-19 has forced us to close our retail space, but we need support from patrons like yourself now more than ever. Below, we’ve listed the best ways to help us through this season.

A woman holds her left knee in pain

stay up & Running

Why wait until after injury to take advantage of our treatments?

Regular therapy & training is a habit best formed early to help prevent injury and strengthen your long-term running form.

A woman has back massaged

not just for athletes

De-stress. Increase flexibility. Relieve pressure. Sound good?

“But I’m not a runner”.

That’s OK. Enjoy a deep tissue massage; great for those who have to sit down for long periods.

A man is lying down and having his shoulders massaged

therapy for living

Our goal is to work with you to care for your health, muscles and fascia - helping you look after your body so it can look after you.

Your body is awesome! So let’s give it some TLC.

Mark Fisher. Running Specific Sports Therapist

Mark Fisher

Running Specific
Sports Therapist

How I Can Help You

When you care about your body, you need a sports therapist who feels the same. I am passionate about health, and I enjoy helping my clients improve their fitness, mobility, and wellbeing.

With over five years experience treating soft tissue dysfunction and more than a decade in strength training - you are in safe hands.

I am a runner myself. 90% of my clients are runners. so I have first-hand knowledge of what a runner needs.

So whether you are looking for help with a ‘niggle’, some strength work, or monthly maintenance, I know where and how to give you targeted treatment.

send me an email