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Topo Athletic

tailor made Marathon kit

£ 120.00 GBP

Tailor picked Running Specific marathon kit. All you need to kick start your marathon block, £120, save £30 on RRP. * 16, 100% natural flapjacks perfect for pre run fuel also they're nut free. *24 Veloforte energy gels to pack a powerful punch in training and racing without any gut bombs. *40 OTE Hydro tabs to aid hydration, before, during & after *Amp Human Bicarb lotion to prevent fatigue in the later stages of the marathon. *Veloforte super shake, boost recovery and re-energise with this super blend of complete plant based protein, enriching maca & the purest electrolytes.

Best for the
best for the
Gluten Free
No Soy
No Dairy
Mandarin Orange

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